Cecille Solmerano– the founder of Happy to Inspire website. She is a full-time mom who works at home and designer for quite long time being. More than that, she drives positivity and let it rules her to help others to love their life, and inspire them whenever they feel there is no way out to live life in this world.As we go on, you can learn more about her journey, how she gets through the sturdy roads that she went through her life, how she managed to go across the big waves of the sea, and how she achieved the top of the mountain. Yes, she is a believer, and a person of faith – the reason why she loved writing books to inspire people, and why she became a woman who loves art.

Hi, I’m Cecille – if you are my reader, then you might be curious why I came up with the books I wrote and how I created my posters and courses. Actually, it is amusing to know that these works were inspired by my “Hell in a Handbasket“, wherein this handbasket was the total opposite of what people expected. People would likely want to experience all the good things, but not me for I want to have experiences that will show me how it is worth it to work hard to achieve anything.

I was a kind of girl that loves to dream about all the great things that will come to my life, and still right now, at this very moment, I still keep my hopes up. That is why my friends and other companions asked me why I had the not-so-typical handbasket lists. Outdated as it seems, but I always believed that “there is always a rainbow after the rain.” I told them that, ‘How could I see that rainbow I’m longing to see if I keep on praying for sunshine every day? Of course, it doesn’t mean that I hate sunshine – I love them, I really do! – but for me, sunshine is like my comfort zone. How could I discover all the good things in the world if I keep on asking for sunshine alone? Yes, those bucket lists of mine transform me into a better Cecille, and keep on developing myself for the best-me-version I could be.






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