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22 Illustrations Show You Have a Cool Dad

Father is the one who taught us so many things in this world. He was the first man who held us with his two arms. He is the one who loves us unconditionally no matter how old we are. We may have remembered all the good things he did and still the things he keeps on doing to support our needs. Our Father is our own superhero. He doesn’t have superpowers the same as Superman or Batman, but he is our man who is always there beside us, and to lift us up when we are down and weary.


You are the greatest dad in the world. You read to me good books in my bed. But funny though, you are the first one who fell asleep. Then, eventually, I use your arm to use as my pillow for my head.

You are the greatest dad in the world. I remembered how you played with me before I get to sleep. We usually had our pillow fight but you intentionally let me win the game all the time then you’ll give me a great big hug after.

I love summer! Especially when I’m with you Dad. Everything is perfect. Every time summer is here, we went on a picnic and play near at the river. You also buy me my favorite food – watermelon!

Autumn is now here! I’m anticipating Halloween and Thanksgiving. I love it when you dress me into a beautiful witch to participate in a trick or treat. You bought me sweet cutie candies, and I loved it!

You are the greatest dad in the world. You were the very first person to greet me a “Happy Birthday” and gave me beautiful surprises. If we’ve gone broke, you still bought me a cupcake with a candle on the top of it.

Another summer appeared, and it was still the happiest season in the year. We went on a roller coaster and you screamed very loud. I was crying back then, but it was funny that you were crying too. I laughed when I saw you, and eventually, all the fears faded away when I looked at you.

Before I went to sleep, I asked you, “What life would be like if there is no heaven, and earth?” You covered my eyes with your big hands and said, “This is what it looks like.” What I loved about you Dad is you taught me things in a different way.

Now that summer is over, I always dreamed for another summer. I remembered asking you to buy me cute little swimsuits and said that I wanted a tan skin too. You just laughed and said that I’m still far from being a grown woman. You said that you’ll buy me soon as I get older. I admit I did a little tantrum back then.

Yay! Another memorable moment was when you bought me a cute little bike. I didn’t know how to bike, but you taught me how patiently. But then, a little after, you were the one who became outbalanced. I cried so hard because I thought you were hurt that much, but you said everything was fine.

You read me good books about fairy tales. This time you read very well, and with changes of voices. But even how good you are, I still couldn’t hold back my eyes from closing. Though, I wanted to continue hearing your voice.

Now, you taught me how to read. You taught me the basic things about reading. Later, as you taught me very well, I learned to read the book about Noah. You were surprised that I could read that much with my age. Then again, you hugged me so tight and gave me a kiss for a great job.

You played with us siblings. You taught us so many things while playing. You were the one who taught us something where we never get bored. Every time we learn, it seems you are doing something magical to let our focus stay on you.

Time for meditation. You taught me how to do yoga, though I admit that I really didn’t know if we are doing the right thing. Still, I kept on imitating you. I realized I kept calm doing yoga with you.

For the next summer, you bought me swimsuit and sunglasses. I hugged you so tight because you said that swimsuits are only for grown-ups. We went together as a family to the sea, and we enjoyed our sweet moments.

You were always a proud parent. Every time school starts, you were there to bring me to school. Then, you took your phone to take a picture of us together. That is the reason why I felt so excited to go back to school after summer.

The funniest part that mom told me about you, was how you cleaned my poop and covered your nose. But even so, you still did. You did everything for me, even how hard it seemed to be.

What really touched me was the time you said that I was the best gift that you ever received in your life. I felt the warmth of your love. When I was with you, I felt so secured and guaranteed that I will always be protected by you.

One thing that I could really say to you, I loved you and always will. You are the greatest dad that I ever had. You are better than any superheroes because, for me, you are my Superdad!

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