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How to be Successful in Life When You Feel Being Left Behind

“Life is a race. If you don’t run fast enough, someone will overtake you and move faster.” That is the line Farhan said to Rancho in “3 Idiot” movie. But Rancho showed us life lessons that we do not need to race or “chase” after success. The world ideology is to race, to compete, and to win over others to find the real success.

Have you seen someone who is young, but now has his own car, or president of a big company? Have you seen a person who just graduated finally found his job, while you lurking around and finding your job everywhere but couldn’t? Admittedly, almost everyone in this world is racing after success, the kind of thinking that if we do not hurry, we would be left behind. But wait, you have to relax first and know if life success should really be grasped by hurrying.

“Do not run for success, run for excellence and success will come behind you.”

Everyone has their own time zone of success. No, it’s not fate. It’s how we work toward it. But you don’t have to hurry. Take your time. Take a deep breath. Think of what you want to achieve in life. We have different paths to take. Do not be jealous or feel pressured of one’s success, yours is on its way.

Do you want to travel abroad? Become a CEO of your own company? Find a stable job immediately after your study? Buy your own house and lot? Want to achieve being a chef? To achieve your goals, start with basic thing – learn.

Learning is the most essential thing in this world. Without learning, it is impossible for us to move forward. If you want to become a chef, learn how to cook with your own style. If you want to become a teacher, learn how to teach with excellence that touches other people. If you want to become a successful engineer, then master how to design and build.

Everything starts from learning. It’s not about memorizing every detail about the subject; it’s about grasping everything of what the subject teaches. Do not worry if you are being left behind by others. Immerse yourself to master what you want to achieve, and you’ll be amazed how good you’ll turn out to be when the time comes.

“We are all different, and you are unique in your own ways.”

Do not ever compare yourself to someone who seems far ahead of you. Not everyone who hurried their success, end up with success. We are not hoping it that way, but it is the reality in life. In the real race, those who came first ahead are not always the winner.

The one became CEO at the age of 30, but hopelessly get bankrupt at the age of 40. While on the other story, one became CEO at the age of 50, but the company keeps on improving up to the next generations.

There is one woman who was married at the age of 25 but divorced at the age of 30. While on the other story, one woman married at the age of 40, but she was still happily married for her lifetime.

One man passed University with just one take but finds it hard to look for a stable job, while one man failed to graduate 3 TIMES in University, but now running his own company where he could get lots of profit.

You see, one person raced fast but it did end up with failure, while on the other hand, one person seems being left behind but end up on getting ahead of other people. If you fail today, find another way for success. If the door doesn’t open for you, build your own entrance for success. Do not get drowned by negative thoughts or compare yourself to others by scaling their own success. You are unique, and you can find your own success in life if you just keep on trying.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

So, if you are really losing hope at this moment, think first, all is well. If you keep on going through success, it will find its way on you. There is no impossible if you try, and work toward it. Do not make big steps, instead, take small steps.

It doesn’t matter if you are being left behind. Cease every moment, and grab that opportunity to learn the things you want to achieve. It is the time to bring out your best personality, and it is the time to learn more about yourself. Life is not a race; life is a gift that we should enjoy. Slow down, and you’ll see your true worth, and you’ll find the real achievement of your life you longed to have.

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  • Reply Kya

    I love the quote to run for excellence and success will come behind you. This is so true. I feel that too many focus these days on success and end up making/selling products that feel slimy and lack passion.

    August 23, 2017 at 12:44 am
  • Reply Deanna

    During these times, it’s most definitely important to be yourself. We’re living in the times of social media and everything is becoming more and more saturated. Everyone should embrace the quirkiness about themselves; I believe it’s more attractive than everyone being the same.

    August 23, 2017 at 1:54 am
  • Reply Luci

    This is a really great post. We should be embrace our failures and dust off your knees and move on try it again.

    August 24, 2017 at 6:52 am
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