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3 Ways to Let Your Intuitive Voice Heal You

Most of us put our trust on doctors to do all the healing. Visiting doctor, buying medicines, and having regular checkup is not a bad thing, but are you dependent on them and neglecting the other possibilities to heal yourself? Yes, doctors and medicines are great help for people for over decades and centuries up to this day. But doctors alone have lower healing rate than if you let your intuition heal you.

We are not talking about superstitious belief or old tale stories; this is a scientific kind of healing. This kind of healing is not limited for those who have faith in it, but also for those people who are full of doubt and question regarding of everything. Why it is essential to learn about intuitive healing? Are doctors not enough to heal us? No! We are not saying that way. We want to make clear that there is a healing power inside us. Our mind, body, and soul have to do with our health, so if we put medical help and our own intuition together, there is a better result they make to our body.

Listen to Your Intuitive Voice

We all have inner wisdom inside us, and that is not a language that we can hear with our ears but with our feelings. That is our inner languages that only us can hear, but we often neglect that language we have within. This inner wisdom includes our dreams, strong urges, gut feeling, and physical sensation or memories. Only we could know these things within ourselves. If we are not used on listening to these, we may fail to recognize our inner voices.

The inner voices we have appear like a blink of an eye and also disappear like a blink of an eye, so typically, we mostly neglect it. Let’s get back with the medical help we receive. There is nothing wrong with depending on it, but being too dependent with medical help would make us believe that everything could be cured with it each time we feel that there is wrong with our body. The thing is, we often forget to address the causes of our problem. If we learn to address the causes of the problem, instead of the problem itself, often times the cases will have a better outcome, and we let the medicines heal the symptoms of our problem.


How to develop your own intuitive abilities

Take note that to hear your inner voice, you have to trust or believe your intuition. These steps will help you to train it and to have a better intuitive healer.

  1. Avoid any negative thoughts – may it be events, point of views or beliefs.

Get away from any negativity around us. In this chaos world, negativity could be seen everywhere and every day. Media and news creates negative impact on people with collecting more negative happenings. If we keep our mind on the things they promote, we let those negative thoughts drive our minds, and this negativity is highly contagious, so we must be aware of it.

Negative beliefs can destroy our DNA as hardly we could imagine. Compare two different types of people. That over 90 year-old grandma looks younger than we thought. The reason? She is in love with life. She put her soul into the positivity this life could give. Now, look over a thirty-year old woman who looks worn out and tired. The reason? She let all the negativity absorb into her. Remember: Our mind rules our body.

  1. Know and listen your body.

Have you experienced nausea, and other digestive issues without any reason even you go to the doctor just to find out that your health is just fine? It is now the time to think over how your mental and emotional state goes.

Do you feel anxious, stressed out, depressed, resentful, angry, jealous, or afraid? If you say ‘yes’ to one or more of these, then your digestive problem was caused by mental and emotional health. This is now the right time for meditation. Listen to your intuition that will definitely heal you.


  1. Take steps to heal your body.
  • Meditate to let the negative thoughts away and replace it with positive thoughts. It may be the beautiful surroundings, the birds while singing, the voices of those you love, and remember all the good things that ever happened to you.
  • Do not deny negative emotion; let it flow, but do not get attached to them.
  • See beneath your eyes. Visualize yourself in a perfect health conditions – your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health.
  • Do things that your intuition feels that do well for you. If there are things that add to your positivity, continue on pursuing and working on it. In contrast, let go of the negativity that your own intuition feels do badly for you.

This intuitive healing takes time and practice. Do not rush yourself. Little by little, you’ll get used to it and it will improve your well-being and physical health as well.

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