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How to Have a Good Conversation with Anyone

Learning how to be a good communicator is very important. Conversations can make or break any relationship whether at home or at work. If you want to know how to have a good conversation with anyone, you need to follow these tips:
Always maintain an eye contact. Looking the other person in the eye conveys that you are interested in what he is saying and it shows that you are paying attention. There is nothing worse in the rules of having a good conversation that not paying attention.

Learn to listen to understand, not just listen to respond. If you listen with the intention of understanding everything the other person is trying to say, you will realize that it is not usually about the words he uses. There are so many underlying meaning in what one says you only need to absorb them.
Ask questions and respond accordingly. A good conversation consists of two or more people sharing ideas and insights about a topic or two. All of the people involved must be both a receiver and transmitter of ideas.
Be sincere. If you want to be taken seriously, then others would want the same. Sincerity is important in creating a good relationship with other people.
Know your limits in terms of humor. It is nice to laugh and be funny, but do know that not everything that is funny to you might be funny for other people. Having a good conversation means being sensitive to other people’s feelings as well.
Lastly, just be who you are. Pretentions can only lead you somewhere but it cannot win you true friends.
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