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How Can You Be Truly Happy

From the movie, the Pursuit of Happyness, Will Smith, the actor in the movie shared his views about happiness and how it seems to elude the very people coveting for it, thus the title. It’s kind of funny though, we all want to be happy, but we sometimes choose otherwise. We work hard to reach for our dreams because we know that those things would make us happy, but if given the chance to pursue our dreams, we shy away from them because of fear.

Pinoys are often called the happiest people on earth because we tend to find enough reasons to laugh at our own misfortunes. That is actually a good quality. But I guess, with the economy and most countries abroad is heading for a downfall, we are getting worried. It is natural to feel afraid, but there is something we can do to stay happy.
First, be thankful. Gratefulness is one way to shift our focus from the worst things that is happening to the better things that is still present in our lives. Contentment is different from being thankful. Do not be contented, aim to always be better. But never forget to say thank you to every blessing, whether big or small, that comes in your way.
Second, celebrate small successes. This is easy for Pinoys because when we get together, it always seem like a celebration. Bring out the food, read the karaoke and it’s all set. But it is also important to acknowledge that you are celebrating. Because when you do, you get to see your accomplishments and that will push you to be better.
Third, learn to share. Generosity is one of Pinoys admiring trait. We give so much to the people we love – our family. Sharing is such an amazing experience that when we give, we feel fulfilled and extra happy. Extend your generosity to your neighbors and to other people who needs help.
Forth, reward yourself every now and then. We should never be limited with just giving to our family; we should also allot something for ourselves. This is to strengthen our spirit and to keep us motivated.
Lastly, pray and never stop dreaming. There is beauty in hope. In knowing that as long as you keep doing what you need to do, you will eventually get there. It does not matter what faith you have, as long as you learn to believe that help will come when you needed it the most.
Happiness can be achieved, it may not always seem so, but it can be. As Pinoys, we have the ability to be truly happy by having the courage to believe in ourselves and our dreams.
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