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Does Your Circle of Influence a “Gain” or “Drop-off” to Your Success?

Have you experienced being unlucky with your new home-based business opportunity, distributorship, or even a small franchise only to find out that the success you’ve been expecting were not taken into reality? I feel for you; however, you’re not alone. There’s a lot of people experienced venturing into a business only to NOT see the right Circle of influence you were sold on. That positive air in your environment was not there anymore.

When you were initially sold by your mentor, sponsor, up-line, down-line, side-line or whatever they called themselves when you first met them and you were told about this extraordinary income from said opportunity within their so-called, circle of influence that’s already been there. In most cases, I’m here to inform you this couldn’t be farther than the truth. Probably you even attended a seminar or a training event or participated in a webinar and you heard how good the products were and that they sell themselves, all you need to do is to buy and buy and buy NOW! Whoa there Partner! Just take it easy! Maybe an motivating speaker told you that all you required to do is to duplicate, duplicate and duplicate, meaning follow on what everybody else is doing for you to be successful in that business! That if you trust them and use your “Leap of Faith” you could be the driver of your own destiny. Yes, definitely! You are the driver! But you need a path to get to your goal and not a bunch of hype.
I would say that everyone wants to expand his or her influence. By getting involve in the group or the program. My advice would be to regain your energy and try to re-think a few more times by realizing that if you are the one to sell your new product or service to your friends and family, will you be able to liquidate all of your inventories? If not, think again, this is a “sign” not to buy into the said program. Just ask yourself a simple question that maybe due to the ecstatic feeling you have overlooked into something that you might be disappointed. Or just raise this question “What don’t I see?” How many friends and how many family members will actually have a need or even benefit from what you are selling them? Furthermore, how many of them will be repeat buyers of your products? And if so, will they be happy consumers or just trying to help you out? Most of the time, they don’t require more multivitamins to boost up their health. So in the end, you will drain this “circle of influence” really quickly and might even exhaust a friendship or two. Much worse than that, you might alienate a family member and think that it’s hard to do that home-based business. Why should anyone have to plead those you love about to purchase your products or service? We believe if we just impress our up line or an industry leader we will be force into the upper level of success. Ridiculous! Being just positive or believing in the law of attraction is not enough for you to reach your goals. Look past the top earners and look for signs of success with ordinary distributors or sellers of said product. You need to understand that you’ll need to create methods to promote you new business enterprise that is not only affordable but also effective outside the so-called, “Circle of Influence” to see accurate growth that will last.
Your goal is to give your clients value. Something they can relate to and that will serve their needs. Next time if you were told that all you need to do is to sell to your warm network. Think twice and do your homework before investing. 
Circle Of Influence   The Young Darwin and His Cultural Circle: A study of influences which helped shape the language and logic of the first drafts of the theory of natural ... (Studies in the History of Modern Science)  Leveraging Circles of Influence: Be Influential Workbook: Step-By-Step Publicity Strategies to Success
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